This was a fun little project that I was stereographer for.  It was a family circus called The Flying Wallendas. A great subject for 3D.









This was produced by Tribecca/Flashpoint with Pete Biagi as the DP.  This was shot with the ET Quasar rig with RED’s and Red Pro Primes. It was meant to be a 1 minute promo for LG’s 3D TV line and was displayed at the Tribecca Film Festival.  As it was to be so short and sort of a marketing tool for the TV’s, we decided ‘bigger’ 3D was the way to go, so overall on this I pushed the IA a lot more than I would on a cinema or longer TV program.  It was apparently a big hit!

Here are some 3D images from the final video:


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LG 3D Promo for Tribecca Film Festival

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